1993 Mercedes-Benz 300TE *SOLD*

This 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300TE is great example of the robust W124 series cars that are considered by many as the pinnacle of Mercedes quality. This lovely Spruce Green (249) over Cream Beige wagon is in very good overall condition, though I may be biased as this has been my personal car for the last few years. The two tone green paint is glossy and deep, with only a few minor dings and scratches that come along with a 20 year old car. Inside, cream beige MB-Tex is in excellent condition, including the 3rd row seat that allows room for 7 passengers.  The body structure is solid and free of rust underneath. It drives smoothly, quietly and comfortably with no rattles or squeaks which is a real testament to the build quality of these cars. The 3.2L twin-cam inline six runs beautifully, provides a healthy amount of grunt and will cruise at legal (or above) speeds all day long with little effort.
These cars have a reputation of long running, though they do require specialized maintenance as they age. Neglected cars will be a headache, while cherished cars will reward you. This 300TE has a shade over 200K miles and obscene amounts of money have been spent on this car to ensure its longevity, using Mercedes Benz factory parts in most cases. It is a non-4matic car without ASR, which helps to simplify things and keep running costs lower.  Here is a list of the major work performed in the last 2 years in my care:

  • Ball joints, center link, steering dampener, front wheel bearings re-packed, front control arm assemblies/bushings replaced
  • Driveshaft Giubo joint
  • Rear wheel bearings replaced
  • Rear SLS suspension accumulators replaced
  • Rear sway bar mounts and links replaced
  • New catalytic converter (Factory part, NOT a weld in aftermarket!)
  • New Mercedes center exhaust resonator
  • European headlight conversion
  • Becker radio rebuilt and fitted with iPod/iPhone adaptor, rebuilt power antenna
  • Rebuilt automatic transmission fitted in 2012 (3yr, unlimited mileage warranty)
  • Cooling system overhaul with new water pump, thermostat, coolant level sensor, fan clutch, belt tensioner, drive belts, idler pulley, fan support bearing, radiator and hoses
  • Plugs, wires, air and fuel filter
  • Engine Mounts replaced
  • New HVAC blower motor
  • Rear wiper motor (original used part)
  • Under 20K miles on Pirelli P6000 rubber
  • Spare set of wheels and Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires w/lugs
  • Professionally painted front bumper cover (original cracked by a curb) with new impact strip
  • Front Bilstien shock absorbers
  • Front and rear pads and rotors (ATE rotors/Textar Pads) w/brake flush
  • Fuel Injection harness changed, 2005 date code
  • Oil changes always using Mercedes factory filters/Castrol GTX oil

As you can see, a massive amount of work has been done to this Mercedes to ensure its reliability and longevity for years to come.  While most of the major mechanical work has been tackled, there are a few items that need to be addressed in the near future. The front timing cover gasket is leaking oil which does leave some spots on the garage floor. This repair generally goes in hand with a head gasket replacement as it makes sense to do the two together. The advice from my Mercedes specialist was if the oil leak doesn’t bother you, just drive the car and maintain the oil level. Also,  the A/C is currently not working. I believe there is an undiagnosed leak in the system. I won’t say “it needs a charge” because it may be more than that. The A/C has worked well in the past with a seasonal charge or two and the HVAC system functions properly beyond that.
There are some minor dings and scratches (ask me about how I was hit by a clam) and there is a slight bit of corrosion bubbling on the tailgate.  The paint is very good for a car with 200K, but it isn't perfect. The original headlight wipers were removed during the headlight conversion as US headlight wipers mount in a different location than the Euro lights allow. The car has never been hit, though I replaced the RF fender to address some minor rust, and I replaced the front bumper cover as the original was broken by the previous owner. Both were professionally prepped and painted.
 Inside, new custom fit cocomats cover the original carpets. There is some minor cracking in the wood trim, but nothing out of the ordinary. The rest of the interior is in excellent condition with no rips or tears. MB Tex is legendary for its durability and this car is a testament to that! I will include the original headlight wiper motors as well as a Euro vacuum headlight adjustment system, a set of snow tires/wheels and whatever other spares I might have lying around.There is a current PA inspection and it’s even nice enough to have been in the Deutsche Classic car show! This is a rock solid future classic that requires just a bit of attention to bring it up to 100% but I am confident it will reward you with another 200K miles of enjoyment. This is the way to buy a German classic – let someone else (like me) spend most of the money and you reap the benefits. I’m not looking to get my money back out of it, that would be silly. I do hope it goes to another home that will continue to cherish it. It is a comfortable, fun and very usable and practical classic suitable for daily use, runs to the garden center, or taking 6 of your closest friends out for ice cream runs.

$3 000.00