About Classic Motoring
Classic Motoring, LLC was founded in Allentown, Pennsylvania with the goal of providing services, support and adivice to those in the collector vehicle hobby. 
Collector Services
Classic Motoring offers Pre-Purchase Inspections, Appraisals and Market Evaluations. We travel to most of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region. We can also arrange for inspections by trusted third party services when a vehicle is outsid our normal region. We also assist you with making sense of a PPI and knowing what faults are worth waving the red flag. We welcome the opportunity to inspect any car, from modern super cars to pre-war classics. We also know when it is important to call in marque experts to ensure you get the most comprehensive information possible. Contact us for pricing information.
Classic Motoring takes great pride in our clear presentation and knowing first-hand that honesty and integrity are the most important factors when selling any collector car. We offer competitive fees and welcome a wide variety of consignments. We have experience in all aspects of the market, high end and low end, and our experience has found buyers around the globe. Let Classic Motoring  do the grunt work for you. We market your car in the most appropriate venue as well as on our website, and we weed out the serious buyers from the dreamers and tire-kickers. In most cases, you only pay us when your car sells. Please contact us to discuss our fee structure or to arrange a consignment. If you're looking for an elusive classic, our global connections can help unearth whatever you desire - no matter how obscure!
For those looking to build on existing collection or obtain their first classic, we offer consultation services to assist you in finding the right classic car to fit your wants, dreams and budget. Our years of experience in restoration give us the know-how to identify quality cars and what key points to look for when selecting that perfect example..  

Working on a restoration project yourself but need some help with parts? We can assist you in finding the exact parts you need for your car. From Ford to Ferrari, and no matter how obscure, call us and we can help you find that needle in the haystack.
Research and Appraisals
We perform historical research and provide a detailed written compilation for your files, either before or after you have purchased a vehicle. In this ever gowing market, it is important to ensure a car is exactly as it is advertised. We work with a network of marque experts to properly establish provenance before you make your investment. Should it come time to sell your vehicle in the future, a full write up on its history can prove an invaluable sales tool.
We produce anything from small ads, to high-end feature ads, to full write-ups suitable for print or web. Examples of our writing can be found in Sports Car Market Magazine, Jalopnik.com and on other specialty websites. 
Sharing the Passion 
Through Classicmotoringllc.com, we hope to share our passion with others and maybe even score a few converts along the way. Blog posts, event coverage and photo galleries are ways we enjoy sharing this amazingly diverse hobby with like-minded enthusiasts around the world.

Contact Us

We can be reached via email at info@classicmotoringllc.com, or via phone at 203-676-4253. You can also visit our Facebook page HERE and contact us via messenger.

About Geoffrey Isabelle
It’s the same story for most of us car people; as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by anything with a motor. It’s been said thousands of times but always rings true.  From an early age I was drawing cars on just about any flat surface I could find, playing with Matchbox, building Lego garages, and incessantly babbling about cars to anyone who would give me the time. Perhaps to my parent’s dismay, a family friend (who drove a new Alfa Romeo GTV6, no less) gave me a stack of back issues of CAR magazine and a whole new world was opened up.  I suddenly learned about Citroens, Ford Cosworths, F1 and Group B rallying and I couldn’t get enough.  I got my first Road & Track subscription at age 6.  About the same time, my father had also ditched his Datsun 200SX and bought a second-hand 1972 BMW 2002tii in lurid Inka Orange. I still remember riding in that car as my father tossed it around off-ramps and back roads. I would sit in the driveway pretending to drive that BMW around the race tracks in my imagination. The scene was set for a life-long obsession. 
During college, I spent summers back in Connecticut and landed a job at one of America’s top restoration shops.  Like most of us, I started at the bottom, soon moving on to detailing cars, then to delivering and moving cars between our facilities.  I became entrenched in the world of classics.  After college I stayed on board and built a career, eventually becoming parts manager where I gained invaluable experience working directly with the mechanics to find all the correct bits and pieces for just about any car imaginable and learned how to search outside the box for those elusive parts. 
Over 16 years later, and I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the best people and best cars in the business. The opportunity to observe world class mechanics, body men and metal workers has been a real blessing.  I have been fortunate enough to sell cars to great clients all over the world.  Then there are the cars themselves.  I have had first-hand experience with everything from pre-war grand classics to Pebble Beach quality Ferraris to honest old-shoe British sports cars and hairy-chested muscle cars – and that experience translates into an understanding of how the best cars should look, feel and perform on the road.
My experience means that I understand the costs associated with obtaining a quality automobile for your collection – as well as the risks and benefits of acquiring a project car.  I share a passion with millions of other people around the world and have been very fortunate to be able to turn that passion into a career.  My wife and I recently relocated to the beautiful Lehigh Valley in Eastern, PA where I established Classic Motoring, LLc.  I share my office with Marley, The Mad Mystery Mutt who acts as office manager and guard dog.  

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